Pure Blue Japan X005 jeans worn for several years. This 14 oz signature denim, woven on shuttle looms in Okayama, has beautiful fades. Just needs a little patience. We have the same denim in the slim tapered X13 and regular X003 fits

The new 17 0z Kuroki selvedge denim from 3sixteen in both the Slim tapered and straight fits. ST-130x & SL-130x

Bybeatle Volume one 17 oz unsanforized selvedge denim from Japan.

Slim fit. Dipped in indigo 24 times.

A selection of Iron Heart 21 oz denim. Now available in London


Pure Blue Japan X003 straight leg for those who love their denim but need a roomier fit all over. made with their signature 14 oz. slubby selvedge denim. Michael wearing one of their indigo tees. Will fade just like denim.

Steel Feather SF0121 jeans after 9 months hard wear. This is how you break in raw Japanese selvedge denim

3sixteen denim is now available in the UK. We have the straight leg and slim tapered indigo selvedge, double black no fade, and shadow selvedge jeans in stock. More coming.

We now have The Flat Head 3002 jean. Slim-tapered fit in the award winning Pioneer denim.

The Flat Head heavyweight cotton & loopwheeled T shirts.

You can’t beat Steel Feather denim for fades. Only available here http://rivetandhide.com/brands/steel-feather/steel-feather-0121-jean.html

bybeatle volume one jeans. 17 oz. Shrink-to-fit selvedge denim from Kojima.

10% off preorders until April 1st

Jean-Luc’s Steel Feather SF0121 jeans crossing the 6 month line.

Available exclusively at Rivet & Hide http://rivetandhide.com/brands/steel-feather/steel-feather-0121-jean.html#!prettyPhoto


Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill after 10 months of daily wear @nfdenim


Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634S-RAW (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Check out all images of the new Fade Friday on rawrdenim.com

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